Hello my name is Chef Justin Akpa, founder of "justpoppedup", a creative events company specialising in short term, pop-up promotional events.

I believe that there aren't enough platforms for up and coming talents to showcase what they can do.. however, the pop-up revolution is changing the way aspiring brands gain exposure.

Pop-up's are short term events or businesses, often run on a low budget, utilising social media to generate awareness and create a real time buzz. Pop-up's can appear in unused retail spaces, abandoned buildings, hospitality venues, festivals, shopping centres, car parks etc..there are no set rules. Pop-up's cover a whole range of services from food and drink to fitness and retail.

Both start up brands and global enterprises alike, now thrive on the awareness generated by pop-up's, to launch and promote their products and services.

By trade I am a classically trained chef with strong fine dining pedigree. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to High Wycombe recently was the dominance of high street branded restaurants on local foodie culture. Not that I have a problem with this style of food or dining, I just think such dominance can stunt the development of local, undiscovered, culinary talents.

Introducing justpoppedup.supper club, a new pop-up foodie event for High Wycombe 2014. Supper clubs are a great way to meet like minded people in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

The supper club concept which gained popularity in the sixties saw amateur chefs and foodies turn their homes into private restaurants for a night, to share their idea of good food with friends and family...

In recent years, supper clubs have made a comeback and have been used by young, talented chefs and would be restauranteurs as an opportunity to gain recognition from industry professionals and culinary aficionados alike. The concept has grown-up however; supper clubs or "pop up restaurants" as they are more commonly known are no longer a mom & pop operation, they are a serious marketing tool used to trial new concepts without long term commitment or overheads.

The next justpoppedup.supper club event will be held at arts4every1 St Johns church, Desborough Road, HIgh Wycombe, 8 March 2014.. further details available at www.justpoppedup.com or contact meChef Justin Akpa at justpoppedup@gmail.com

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