Signdance Collective The 2012 New Gold Season London Venue Warehouse Theatre

Press Release The New Gold 2012 Season Critically-acclaimed dance theatre company Signdance Collective, theatre company-in-residence at Buckinghamshire New University, are performing their Olympic and Paralympic inspired programme for two weeks at The Warehouse Theatre, Croydon. Signdance Collective will be at The Warehouse Theatre, Dingwall Road, Croydon, from Friday 13th April to Sunday 29th April. The programme is made up of four performance projects and participatory opportunities. New Gold - New Gold is a playful ,witty and completely irreverent look at competition and winning as four unlikely characters explore their search for gold. The production challanges the notion that olympic values are true and whether competition is necesary at all . On the surface it is a hilarious romp to the finishing line ;if you look deeper the performance questions what has come to be regarded as valuable. New Gold is supported by the Cultural Olympiad’s Accentuate through the collaborations projects at Creative Junction and Bucks New University .Signdance Collective has toured this show throughout Europe The Middle East and it now premieres in the U.K during this season in Croydon. New Gold's cast includes Signdance Collective’s artistic directors David Bower, who starred in the Hollywood hit Four Weddings and a Funeral ,Cuban dancer Isolte Avila. and actor Dexter Hamlett, who starred in 1970s police series CHiPS ,joining the company between 13 April and 29 April at The Warehouse Theatre. Isolte Avila, SDC's dance director said: “New Gold has been hugely well-received wherever we have performed it and we are sure that will also be the case at Warehouse Theatre. We are very lucky to also benefit from a run by the excellent Dexter Hamlett and look forward to contributing to what is sure to be an enriching cultural experience.” New Gold is directed by Slovenian director Goro Osojnik (Ana Desetnica International Festival) with dramaturgy by award-winning playwright Pedro de Senna (who takes over from Dexter from 22nd-29th April). Music is provided by Dead Days Beyond Help Half A Penny - The New cabaret music theatre International Collaboration premieres during the New Gold Season . Half A Penny showcases the music of Alex Ward and Jem Doulton, is devised in collaboration with Brazillian Pedro De Senna ( Bucks New University Senior Lecturer Drama) Theshow stars actress Rebecca Hurst and Francesca Osimani as 'The Speaker' .Made In Wycombe , at Bucks New University and Etos Festival Ankara Handprint - During the day Handprint Theatre Company, who create accessible theatre for deaf and hearing children, will be running children’s activities for four to nine-year-olds called Soapy Sam, which includes puppet workshops. Formed in 2009 Handprint Theatre work with puppetry, physical theatre and British Sign Language, Campaign! - The New Gold season also includes Campaign To Be Me! Created with Signdance’s young company at Bucks New University as part of Campaign!, A project inspired by the Cultural Olympiad. The CAMPAIGNTOBEME! workshops at The Warehouse will give local young people the chance to be involved both by contributing their ideas and performing alongside Signdance during their evening performances. CAMPAIGTOBEME! is lead by deaf dancer/ actor Jacob Casselden- Tribes-Royal Court . With film by SDC's artistic director David Bower. Accentuate has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK. For show times,ticket prices and bookings- Ends For further information on Sign Dance Collective please contact Isolte Avila on 07887974684 or email For further information about Campaign! please contact Rachel Sears, Campaign! Project Manager on 07779165554 or email For further information about Handprint Theatre Notes to Editors Sign Dance Collective Is the leading Signdance Theatre International Touring Company in Europe . SDC/ and its umbrella Organization Signdance theatre International are based at Bucks New University, High Wycombe where they are company -in-residence. Signdance Collective is directed by Deaf and hearing artists. Creative Junction is a community interest company based in the South East working with and for young people and the creative and cultural sector to make change happen. This change comes through embracing a collaborative approach and from building partnerships to develop creativity and to connect powerful, innovative learning across sectors. We cant have all this , the link or one line is ebnough . This is a Professional Theatre Accentuate is the London 2012 legacy programme which seeks to change perceptions and offer a wide range of opportunities across the South East to showcase the talents of deaf and disabled people. Accentuate is an ambitious transformational programme of 15 major projects, with the potential to create a national change. Inspired by our proud heritage of Stoke Mandeville as the birthplace of the Paralympic movement, Accentuate is ensuring disabled people have the opportunity to be the leaders of tomorrow, in whatever field they choose. Focussing on quality and bringing together sports, arts, culture and heritage, Accentuate aims to change the perceptions of disability so a real cultural shift can occur between now and the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Accentuate is funded by SEEDA, the regional cultural agencies and Legacy Trust UK. The home of Accentuate is Screen South. Legacy Trust UK is an independent charity set up to create a lasting cultural and sporting legacy from London 2012 in communities across the UK. The Trust is funded by a £40 million endowment from the Big Lottery Fund (£29m), Department for Culture Media and Sport (£6m) and Arts Council England (£5m), and is a Principal Funder of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival. Screen South is a creative development agency delivering and supporting innovative projects across screen based media and the wider cultural and creative industries. They are also the home of the Accentuate, the London 2012 legacy programme for the South East. Screen South is passionate about developing a dynamic environment in which film and media culture can flourish. Screen South aims to; • Collaborate with existing organisations to develop hubs of activity and expertise. • Encourage networking and collaboration between media and cultural practitioners. • Work with the industry to set standards for excellence, creativity and innovation. • Act as an advocate for the region’s film and media industry nationally and internationally. • Find creative ways of developing audiences for film and the moving image, promoting opportunities for education and wider access. Screen South is a partner in the North Seas Screen Partnership, a European exchange with countries in the North Seas area including areas in Norway and Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland. uScreen is also supported by the NSSP programme. The Inspire Mark - An Olympic and Paralympic first, the London 2012 Inspire programme enables non-commercial organisations across the UK to link their events and projects to the London 2012 Games in an official scope.

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