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6 July 2011


We have spent five fantastic days at the international festival in Slovenia Ljbljana- Ana Desetnica .We were being mentored , coached , by its director Goro Osojnic as well as experiencing some of the best in international street theatre performance.

We saw groups from - Spain, Barcelona, The Netherlands , Ukraine , Canada, Germany , Iran, Slovenia , Mexico ,and France, Czech Republic and Belgium! .

The artists are open and with wonderful communication skills , . We are so so lucky to have become involved in the international scene ! These performers .. perform 50-70x p/a

They are similar to SDC in that respect and in the proffesional street theatre arts world , completely acceptable to do that many gigs . We do about 30-40 .. Small fish!

The Festivals abroad really look after the companies providing food , hospitality , accomodation & travela s well as a fee or 'good hat!' The performers at this years Ana Desetnica are  all ages , it is so inclusive , mainstream, and open . The society there still thrives on some modecum of equality . SDC will perform New Gold at the Festival nxt year ,. If you have a chance to visit , please do ! Its worth it .

Now we are in beautiful Graz , Austria at the Street Theatre Fest - Tingle Tangle . this Festival has an in-house disability arts & culture company , they are generous , super well organized, Kultur Werk Staat is the organizing body . We have been workinga t this festival since 2003 , collaborating , advising , training , performing & dwill be doinga  three country E.U programme with them for 2012-2015. We will report on the Festival when we return to the U.K for the final of 'Driving Inspiration!!' performances at Stoke Mandeville School . see yall soon !



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