We're really in the groove now! Great, great work and a big thank you to the following:-

  • Porch/Reception painted! Well done Dave, Robert and Amanda
  • Storage cupboards road end painted! Well done Ali, Ailsa, Tunde, Dave
  • Ladies loos painted - well done Tracie and Avril
  • Far wall painted well done - Lucy and Olivia, and Lesley, Ruth, Richard and Daniel
  • Window Frames and Rads in Hall 2 - well done Barry
  • Gents loos started - well done Daniel
  • Display wall - woodwork done thanks Andy, great job
  • Display wall painted - well done, Tunde, Ailsa, Ali, and Ruth for second coat!

If I have forgotten you or a job please let me know because the day went by in a whirl wind!

Click here for Photo Album of Let's Paint 2

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