The Centre for the Arts, Creativity and Enterprise - What does it mean to you?

Centre for the Arts, Creativity and Enterprise

The board of Wycombe Community Arts Centre Limited has long aspired for our home to be more than an an Arts Centre. From the early days of conceptualising the centre we wanted to ensure a solid connection was established between our ambitions for community and arts based programming and the perspectives or entrepreneurship and business, especially through the continuum of the creative and cultural industry sectors.

The Arts4every1 Centre is the name of the space that our local community know us by but our goal is to establish The Centre for the Arts, Creativity and Enterprise as a real and virtual space that promotes global connectivity for those interested in the impact between what are often considered conflicting disciplines and perspectives, specifically culture an entrepreneurship. 

What is Culturepreneurship?

Maybe its... the application and development of entrepreneurship theory and practice in creative and cultural organisations


From the one-person business to the large scale organisation how can the use of entrepreneurship principles and practice deliver more success and growth in the creative and cultural sectors?

If being an entrepreneur means being a 'risk taker' how can a creative or cultural professional reconcile taking artistic and policy risks with commercial and business risks?

Is the quality of cultural and creative services provision to society reduced by the involvement of enterprise and capitalistic motivations?

When the overiding measure of success is commercial how can true value be placed on the ambitions of artists and organisations in the creative and cultural sectors?

Culturepreneurship and Leadership: How can leaders and managers in the creative and cultural industries better utilise the themes of entrepreneurship to grow and develop their organisations

Culturepreneurship Implementation: Which elements of entrepreneurship are best suited to developing more effective and successful businesses and organisations in the creative and cultural sectors?

Culturepreneurship and Economic Recovery: What role can a more enterprising creative and cultural sector play in the recovery of the national and global economy?

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