Please share your reflections on how the arts centre has impacted you so far?

Thank you to everyone that completed our recent survey, the results proved we are heading in the right direction but still with exciting work to do.

To complete our research please could you reply to the three questions laid out below in this discussion forum.


1. Have you acquired new skills or knowledge by attending activities at the centre? (Please describe if possible)


2. Have you become aware of other activities and connections by attending activities at the centre? (Please describe if possible)


3. Have new opportunities arisen for you by attending events at the centre? (Please describe if possible)


If you wish your replies to be confidential please email them to

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1) Working behind the bar has given me the knowledge of how to change a barrel and I hope soon to develop the skill to perform this task without spraying beer over myself or anyone who comes to my assistance (usually Mike). I also gain knowledge all the time by talking with the people I meet at the Centre. I don't mean that in a creepy way, by the way. Please don't avoid me now.

2) I have made new friendships with some fantastic people and forged a few valuable connections with individuals and companies that I have, am currently, or hope in the future to collaborate with on creative ventures.

3)See answer to 2). Also, the opportunity to work more closely with the Centre & learn a bit about how it operates. Also, the opportunity to fill out questionnaires.

I am an active volunteer at the centre and intend continue to contribute to its future success. 


Over the past couple of years I have become involved a large number of activities, many as a part of the organisation team.  This has given me the opportunity to extend my personal range of transferable skills and experience.  


1)      Yes, definitely!  Getting involved with running events and working with Mike on Enterprise Wednesday.  It was the springboard I needed to gain an entrepreneurial focus and establish my own business.  I have networked with a huge number of interesting people, established some useful connections and established good friendships.

2)      It has given me the inspiration to become more aware of artistic opportunities and to get involved.  This is important for me as a relaxation away from the day job.

3)      For many years I have harboured the desire to become a photographer.  Following a number of collaborations I now have the opportunity to start and have since taken photographs at many events run at the centre, especially the music events.


The Centre represents a place to visit, meet people and get involved.  

 Hi Mike and Dave,

Looking  back at all the great stuff the centre has done and been involved in, it is very impressive how far it has come. 

1. New skills and knowledge? You bet, teamwork, leadership, collaboration, project management and the knowledge gained from Careers Network.Also includes the useful experiences on the Made in Wycombe project that covered almost everything from: putting up a giant Christmas tree inside the old church to planning various parts of the actual event.

2. Yes, definitely- Activities like- Blues Kitchen, Ellipsis Film Network, the Made in Wycombe project, specific music events and meeting a variety of interesting people with a huge range of skills through the centre.

3. Yes, mainly collaborating on various projects, volunteering and networking opportunities.

Thanks for your help Mike and Dave, great work with all the results and the progress of the centre.

Would recommend a visit to the centre and encourage people to get involved in some of the creative projects going on.

Sorry for the late comments but better late than never!  Question No 1 - New skills or knowledge acquired?  Not really applicable to me as I am writing on behalf of Wyspas (Wycome Society for Performing Arts.) We hired the church to perform Jesus Christ Superstar which worked very well.  Unfortunately, it was in the early days of the refurb therefore parking, toilets, changing rooms, sound, black out curtains were a problem.  However, things have moved forward since then and we will look forward to hiring the church (theatre) again in the future.

Question 2 - Awareness of other activities - When producing a show we have used the Hall for rehearsing and have therefore been able to see other performers/artists handbills and advertising matter - so yes! 

Question 3 - New Opportunities for us - Not obviously so but I would hope that other groups would have picked up our advertising handbills and seen our productions advertised on the Arts4every1 website so, perhaps - yes.

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